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SATANIC PANIC (2019) Regie: Chelsea Stardust Sam is really trying to get her crappy life together. Today is her first day on the new job as a pizza delivery girl and what already starts horribly ends disastrously when the last delivery of the day leads her to a mansion full of ... who would have expected it ... Satanists who are missing exactly one thing for the perfect devil incantation: a virgin. Or in other words: Sam. ***** I confess I'm prejudiced. As soon as it says Fangoria anywhere, my fangirl heart starts beating faster. Fangoria is the unholy grail of all horror magazines, and I would describe the studio's films as extremely remarkable trash with style. SATANIC PANIC is of course no exception. At first glance, the film has nothing to do with the phenomenon also known as SATANIC PANIC, but maybe that's even better, because anyone who makes themselves comfortable on the couch to enjoy a wonderfully uncomfortable evening with Satanists from Fangoria has little desire for socio-cultural discourse, but all the more desire for blood and raw meat. And there is. Rarely have I seen a film with so many guts worth seeing. Guts of the very first quality! And there is also vomit, what the satanically manipulated stomach content gives. That even so excessive that one could think, one would have landed in the department Vomit Gore and not Guts and Gore. Even if the acting performance reminds of a sticker book, since most of the characters are simply nothing more than almost painfully stereotypical decals, especially pizza delivery girl Sam is a sympathetic figure from the first scene on, with which one can sympathize and empathize. In general, SATANIC PANIC oscillates almost hysterically between sweet teen comedy and blood-dripping Satanism-themed party in Whitehorse's swingers club, but that's exactly what makes it so charming. Disgusting? Definitely! Original? Surprisingly, even that! Bizarre? Absolutely! In summary, SATANIC PANIC presents a picture of Satanism in a squeaky-colorful and good-humored popcorn cinema manner, as a thirteen-year-old Mayhem fan would imagine it in his wet dreams … or an arch-Catholic would use as a cautionary example to his unwilling Sunday school students. And when Karen and Karl from next door think of Satanists, they certainly think of overdone orgy images that could have come from this film. In this respect SATANIC PANIC does justice to the idea (= a moral panic characterized by allegations of satanic ritual abuse) in a certain way. But the crucial thing for me is that film lovers with a cultivated sense for blood, gore and old-fashioned effects will definitely have their infernal pleasure with this Fangoria hell-delirium. Just do not expect too much and then celebrate the guts and tits party accordingly!


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